Shaffer Family

We selected Lauren for the sale of our home, because not only was she local to the community, but upon interacting with her at local events she seemed like such a caring and hard working individual. We were so spot on. She was such a pleasure to work with, kept us up to date and we always felt confident in our decisions as we went through the entire process! Thank you Lauren & team for making the sale of our home so stress free!!

Tsen Family

When we selling our investment property in Orlando, we knew we wanted to do 1031 Exchange. We didn't know much about it except it would save us in capital gain tax and we should have a house lined up to be purchased here in WA.

We contacted Lauren to be our realtor and she was able to feed us information weekly about new properties with the right filters. Finding an investment house that we wanted wasn't difficult - however, the 1031 exchange process was not so easy.

To start, we didn't even know we needed someone EXTRA! Lauren reminded us of this a week before my house in Orlando FL was sold/closed and we were able to get an exchangor to facilitate the process. My realtor in Orlando FL didn't know anything about it and just said, "oh, whops, sorry, I didn't know."

Then the issue of closing. I found an online mortgage broker that had a really low rate. Lauren cautioned us that closing on time with an online broker may be iffy -- we didn't listen. Boy, when there's a lot of earnest money at stake, I was super worried when my mortgage company couldn't fund in time and we had to ask for an extension. Of course, Lauren got it for us from the selling agent.

Lauren is really wonderful to have guiding us through the process. She is readily available, even after hours, when we wanted to look at the house once more before signing the PSA. She responds to her text at all hours, and knows the process well.

I would trust Lauren again to buy our next investment home, which is probably in 2 years :)